Our vision is based on the following principles:

  • Creating Employment for the local community.

  • Planet, Carrying out the business objectivesin vieuw of minimal impact on the environment.

  • To maintain and increase of market share in order to contribute to the sustainable development of our partners,country and its people.


A specialized and renovated company within the local, regional and international market in the field of importing, exporting and transporting heavy equipment and exploting and exploting wood and gold concessions.


About us

Our company is located in the tropical multi-cultural and most forested country Suriname, in South America,was founded in 2017.

We specialize in the import, export and trasporation of heavy equipment and the exploitation and exploration of timber and gold concessions, while staying environmentally conscious within recent legislation.


Our main focus however is timber and the processing there of.


Our Location:
Dageraadweg 16, Paramaribo Suriname